Video: Life Happens Online - Sharing special moments

  • Transcript

    (“Life Happens Online” theme plays. On screen, we see a series of images: an email from Mark Zuckerberg saying the user has won a contest, with the words “Life Happens Online”, a can of Life Happens Online ranch soda, a computer window to join the Life Happens Online wi-fi network, and a pile of boxes on a front porch with “Life Happens Online” written on the biggest box” )

    (Ted uses a laptop at his kitchen table and receives a notification)

    (Ted is then shown sitting on a couch, talking to the camera)

    Ted: Well my sister keeps sending me pictures of her nephew. (pause) Which is cute…

    (The screen now shows Ted’s laptop receiving several notifications in a row from his sister)

    (Cut to Ted sitting at the laptop, looking exasperated as another notification sound is heard)

    (Ted is again sitting on a couch talking to the camera)

    Ted: But it’s a lot.

    (Another notification sound is heard as we cut back to the man working on his laptop at the table)

    (His laptop screen shows the emails from his sister, when a warning window opens)

    Text on screen: Malware warning! This file isn’t what you think it is. Delete it! Open / Delete

    (Ted looks confused, clicks his mouse before another notification sound is heard and another warning window opens on the screen)

    Text on screen: Warning! This file isn’t what you think it is. But it’s safe to open. Open / Delete

    (Ted clicks open and a photo of a dog dressed as Baby Yoda/Grogu appears)

    (Ted raises one eyebrow at his screen)

    (Screen cuts to purple background with text overtop as the “Life Happens Online” theme plays)

    Text on screen: #CSAM2021

    (CSE wordmark)

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