Let good cyber security run in the family

More of your family's life is taking place online every day. Whether kids are attending online classes, guardians are working from home or you're simply staying connected through social media, take these steps to protect yourself online so you can enjoy your digital life while keeping safe.

Strengthen your passwords

  • Secure your family's accounts and devices with strong passwords or passphrases
  • Make sure passwords are unique to each account
  • Have a talk with family members about not sharing passwords with others

Secure your network

  • Change your router's username and password from the default settings
  • Create a guest network for smart devices and visitors
  • If possible, move your router to a central spot in your home, away from windows

Stay updated

  • Update the operating systems on all devices in your home, including smart devices
  • Update software and apps on your computers, tablets and phones
  • Enable automatic updates where available

Get schooled about phishing

  • Learn the signs of a phishing message
  • Talk with family members about the dangers of opening links and attachments
  • Review phishing messages together to learn how to spot the signs of a scam

Do some housekeeping

  • Regularly back up the data on your devices
  • Uninstall apps and software you no longer use
  • Unpair Bluetooth devices you no longer own or use

Include your kids

Help your kids learn more about cyber security by looking at Get Cyber Safe's kid-friendly resources with them.

Get more tips to secure your accounts and devices at

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