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    Whether you're working from home, an office, or on a floaty in the middle of a lake (laughing emoji), you need to be cyber safe. For your business to make cyber security a top priority, all employees need to get involved. Here are a few things to keep in mind for making your workspace more secure. (image of a person wearing star-shaped sunglasses, working on a laptop while in a donut-shaped floaty in a swimming pool)

    Secure your network

    Change the default name and password for your Wi-Fi. If you're working from home, using a VPN can help secure your network. A VPN is important if you're working on public Wi-Fi. (image of a phone with a Wi-Fi symbol on screen)

    Have strong and unique passphrases or passwords

    Make sure you use strong and unique passphrases or passwords for each of your accounts. Re-using passwords makes those systems and devices less secure. (image of a laptop with a password on screen)

    Watch out for scams

    Know the signs and be on the lookout for any suspicious links, emails or contacts. (image of a person holding a phone, looking away thoughtfully)

    Install anti-virus software

    Once you've installed reputable anti-virus software on all your devices, make sure it's actively scanning those devices for threats. (image of a person in a wheelchair typing on a laptop)

    Update automatically

    Enable regular, automatic updates to help you stay up-to-date with the latest security patches. (image of an older couple looking at a laptop together)

    Share with your team

    Make sure to notify your team of any cyber scams, threats or security incidents as you come across them so you can keep improving your cyber security plan. Notify your IT team of any security incidents. (image of a person attending a videoconference meeting)

    Following these tips can help keep your business and workspace secure.

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