Video: Life Happens Online - Working and networking

  • Transcript

    (“Life Happens Online” theme plays. On screen, we see a series of images: an email from Mark Zuckerberg saying the user has won a contest, with the words “Life Happens Online”, a can of Life Happens Online ranch soda, a computer window to join the Life Happens Online wi-fi network, and a pile of boxes on a front porch with “Life Happens Online” written on the biggest box” )

    (Noémie sits at a desk in their home, placing an ear bud in their ear)

    (Cut to Noémie sitting on a couch and talking to the camera)

    Noémie: So I have a really big meeting with corporate today, but my internet is being really slow, for no reason.

    (The camera zooms in on a router beside them, and a dial-up connection sound can be heard as the text appears, as if the router were speaking)

    Text on screen: Because they shared their Wi-Fi password! Now the whole community is connected!

    (The screen cuts back to them taking the call on their laptop)

    Noémie: Apologies in advance if I cut out a bit, my router is junk and it hasn’t been working at all lately.

    (The camera pans to show the router)

    Text on screen: [stares in disbelief]

    Noémie: Did you get all that? I think I cut out.

    (Their screen is shown, with their video call frozen. A message window then appears)

    Text on screen: Message from your router: Update Wi-Fi password. OK

    (They click OK and enter a new password)

    Text on screen: Wi-Fi password update complete. Wi-Fi signal strong.

    (They smile as they continue their call, as we hear voices complain about their connection disruption)

    Voice #1: Why did my show stop playing?

    Voice #2: I just got disconnected.

    Voice #3: Hey! Did you turn off the internet?

    Voice #4: Oh, did someone change the Wi-Fi password?

    (Screen cuts to purple background with text overtop as the “Life Happens Online” theme plays)

    Text on screen: #CSAM2021     

    (CSE wordmark)

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