Video: Life Happens Online - Families and businesses

  • Transcript

    (“Life Happens Online” theme plays. On screen, we see a series of images: an email from Mark Zuckerberg saying the user has won a contest, with the words “Life Happens Online”, a can of Life Happens Online ranch soda, a computer window to join the Life Happens Online wi-fi network, and a pile of boxes on a front porch with “Life Happens Online” written on the biggest box” )

    (Ted sits on a couch, talking to the camera)

    Ted: The kids are doing school from home, while I work. Can’t always keep an eye on them, so we’ve had some unexpected deliveries on our doorstep.

    (Ted grabs a soccer ball popcorn machine to show the camera)

    (Scene cuts to the same man now working on his laptop in the basement, there is a knocking heard and then people cheering)

    Ted: No, we do not need a pizza shaped pool floatie, we don’t even have a pool!

    (Ted closes his laptop, grabbing it under his arm as he runs out of frame)

    (Ted is now back on the couch talking to the camera)

    Ted: They’re ordering from our “Alexandra”, I don’t know what to do.

    (We hear a notification sound and a robot voice, Alexandra)

    Alexandra: Have you considered disabling my mic or other features when you’re not using them.

    (Ted looks around and nods, before we hear the doorbell)

    Alexandra: Your 12 pack of ranch flavoured soda is here.

    (Screen cuts to purple background with text overtop as the “Life Happens Online” theme plays)

    Text on screen: #CSAM2021     

    (CSE wordmark)

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