Handy Cyber Tip Sheet – Smart Phone

Adobe Acrobat Version (PDF 951 KB)

Easy steps you can take to protect your new smart phone.

  1. Set up your phone with a strong password that you change regularly. This will protect your information not just from hackers, but from someone who finds your phone if you lose it.
  2. Only connect by Wi-Fi with trusted, password-protected networks, and turn off settings that automatically search for Wi-Fi networks. Hackers lurk on unprotected networks.
  3. When downloading an app, take a good look at the permissions, and don't just click “allow” to everything. What appears to be a fun app may in fact be a 'Trojan Horse', which gives a hacker access to your system once you install it.
  4. Before you click on something, think seriously about where it came from. Viruses and worms can infect your mobile phone from anything you download, from text attachments and Bluetooth transfers.
  5. Never “jailbreak”, or try to remove the limitations imposed by the manufacturer of your device. This could disable security measures of your mobile's OS, making you an easy target for a virus, worm or Trojan.
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