Does your data have a backup plan?

Does your data have a backup plan - Long description immediately follows
Long description - Does your data have a backup plan?

We store so much important data on our devices. Whether they’re sensitive documents, sentimental photos or work we don’t want to lose, backing up our data often is the easiest way to make sure we never lose the files that matter most to us.

Physics might disagree with us, but when it comes to the security of your data, backing up is the only way to move forward.

Canadians are concerned about their data

43% are worried about personal data being erased, altered or lost
35% are concerned their personal data will be held for ransom
but we don’t always do our best to protect it.

23% only back up their files 1-2 times per year
16% back up their files every few months
15% never back up their files, ever
only 8% of Canadians back up their files weekly or more

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You should back up your files at least this often!

Backing up your data keeps it safe in case


  • your device malfunctions or breaks
  • you’re hacked or DDoS attacked
  • you’re a target of malware or ransomware
  • any other disaster happens
  • you experience a system failure

Choose a storage method that has your back

(and then back that up with another one)

external hard drives

  • can hold large files like videos and software
  • great for backing up an entire device

CDs, DVDs or USB sticks

  • convenient to carry around
  • better for backing up specific files than an entire device

virtual or cloud servers

  • may be included with your device
  • can be accessed from anywhere, anytime

54% of Canadians store their data on an external hard drive
46% of Canadians use a virtual server or the cloud

So be sure to back this up in your brain:


  • Back up your data at least once a week
  • Set your devices to back up automatically
  • Back up on more than one storage device

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