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    (Music starts.)

    (A tablet lays flat on the table. A woman reaches towards it and opens an app with her stylus.)

    As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with a few essential business terms.

    (Tablet opens up a drawing app. The woman taps the screen with her stylus.)

    One of the big ones you might know is the Marketing Mix, often called the “4 Ps of Marketing”.

    (Zoom in on the tablet screen. A cursor moves to the Text button, then “4 Ps of Marketing” is typed into the app.)

    (“The 4 Ps of Marketing” is dragged up to the top of the window.)

    The four basic pillars of any marketing strategy are:

    (“The 4 Ps of Marketing disappears from the screen.)


    (The cursor draws a t-shirt under the text. It becomes a more detailed green shirt.)

    (The word “Product” appears onscreen.)


    (The t-shirt is dragged offscreen and onto a clothing rack in a store. It is marked $35.)


    (Zoom out to reveal the clothing rack is beside another clothing rack.)

    And promotion.

    (Zoom out even further to outside the store. The t-shirt hangs in the window with a sign that says “NEW!”)

    But the Four Ps were coined over 50 years ago, and they don’t address a key innovation that’s come along since: the internet.

    (The cursor hovers over the store and double-clicks on it. It opens to a web store selling a t-shirt.)

    The internet can make business easier, but it also adds a 5th P to the Marketing Mix: protection.

    (Zoom in on the padlock icon in the address bar. The background turns pink and the word “Protection” appears onscreen.)

    Protection means keeping your business, customers and suppliers safe by taking simple actions to keep your online data and devices secure.

    (Zoom out from the padlock to reveal that the padlock is connected to other things with dotted red lines: a delivery truck, a man, and the physical storefront. The cursor clicks the padlock and it locks. The red lines turn solid purple to show a safe connection.)

    Focusing on protection isn’t just good for your customers. It’s good for your business’ success, too.

    (The screen pans to the right. Five faces are shown in coloured circles.)

    More than 4 in 5 Canadians say they’d spend their money elsewhere if a company failed to keep their data safe.

    (“4 in 5 Canadians” is typed onscreen. The cursor drags a selection box over 4 of the faces and drags them offscreen.)

    But by assuring customers that protecting their information is your priority, you can build a strong brand and create loyal customers.

    (The online store window slides back onscreen. The cursor scrolls down to reveal several positive reviews of the store.)

    So how do you implement protection into your marketing plan?

    Download the Get Cyber Safe Guide for Small and Medium Businesses.

    (The tablet window changes to the Get Cyber Safe landing page for small and medium businesses. A hand scrolls down to show where the Guide is located on the page.)

    It’s got all the information you need to apply the results of your assessment and help you build a safer, more secure business.

    (The hand taps the Guide and it opens. A 2-page preview of the guide is shown. The hands continue scrolling through the guide.)

    Just like the other 4 Ps of Marketing, how to best implement protection depends on your business and its customers.

    (The Guide slides offscreen. The 5 Ps appear again with icons: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion and Protection)

    Visit for more cyber security tips for small and medium business owners.

    (Cut to a blank screen with text:

    (Government of Canada Wordmark)

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