Multi-factor authentication

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Long description - Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication
Makes cyber security all about you
Passwords and passphrases are important security measures, but they’re not the only ones. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security catered to you, so only you can access private information and accounts.

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Canadians use multi-factor authentication
… but
Who cares about them? We’re talking about you

When it comes to cyber security, it's good to be full of

Multi-factor authentication is all about you
Who you are

  • fingerprint scanners
  • voice verification
  • facial recognition

What you know

  • security questions
  • passwords and passphrases
  • PINs

What you own

  • SMS authentication
  • application-based authenticators
  • hardware tokens

Something as simple as 2-step verification can protect you from
100% of automated bots
96% of phishing attacks
76% of targeted attacks

Like most things in life, the more your verification involves you, the better.

Turn multi-factor authentication ON to get started.

Get more tips to protect yourself and your devices at:

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