Cyber threats can have real-world impact

42% of Canadian businesses think their risk of being targeted by a cyber attack is lowFootnote 1 since they’re “too small” to be valuable to a cyber criminal. Not focused on cyber protection? Cyber threats can affect your customer trust, supplier relations, and business reputation and competitiveness.

An employee downloads malware from a phishing email.



  1. Malware steals customer data, including login and financial information
  2. Some customers notice unexpected charges on their credit cards
  3. More phishing messages with malware are sent to customers, and then to their friends and family
  4. Customers find a competitor they trust to better protect their data

The result:

  • Lowered customer trust
  • Lost loyal customers
  • Damaged business reputation


  1. Malware steals suppliers’ data from your business
  2. Suppliers are victims of spear-phishing attacks because of stolen information
  3. Malware continues to spread through the suppliers’ networks
  4. Future suppliers are more reluctant to work with you

The result:

  • Lost supplier trust
  • Damaged supplier relationships
  • Spread cyber threats


  1. Malware accesses your other business networks and devices
  2. Malware steals employee login data from your server
  3. Other employees’ devices are attacked and damaged
  4. Months later, a competitor releases your secret project pretending it is their own work

The result:

  • Stolen data
  • Lost competitive edge
  • Expensive device repairs

To a cyber criminal, your business might be a bigger target than you think.

Take simple steps to make protection a priority and stop the spread of cyber threats.

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