Protect Your Business

Small business owners are using the Internet to connect with customers through social media, communicate internally and sell products around the world. But just as the Internet is opening new possibilities, it's also revealing new threats.

Whether you run a manufacturing business, an online consulting firm or a florist shop, you have information that is valuable to crafty cyber criminals. Educating yourself and your employees on the potential threats is key to avoiding an unexpected, and costly, cyber attack.

If you believe you have been the victim of a cyber security incident, please visit the Recover from a Cyber Security Incident page.

Promote device security in your organization

Employees using their personal devices or outside networks for business could carry risks. These tools will help you learn how to run a #CyberSafeBusiness.

Your Small Business Might Be at Risk

Find out the risks that cyber criminals pose to small businesses, including what they're after, who they're targeting and how they do it.

Create Stronger Cyber Safety Policies

Find out how to set strong policies and guidelines to encourage safe online behavior, including establishing a clear internet usage policy, a strong social media policy and rules for using email safely.

Educate Your Employees on Cyber Safety

Find out how to properly educate your employees on the cyber threats they face. This includes knowing the threats, protecting social networks and knowing how to spot risky URLs.

Run a More Cybersafe Business

Take the necessary steps to ensure your small business is protected from cyber attacks, including backing up important data, installing the right security software, and changing your passwords on a regular basis.

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