Password managers

Storing all your unique passwords in a convenient password vault is an easy way to keep track of login information across many accounts and devices.


A solution to password overload

A strong password is an essential part of keeping your information safe. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that the more complex a password is, the harder it is to remember — especially if you’re using different passwords for every account.

You can easily keep track of all your passwords by using a password manager: a password vault that stores all your usernames and passwords for different websites, apps and devices.

Risks to you


Hacking is any action taken to get unauthorized access to a device or an account.

Cyber criminals may try using a brute force hack on your password — essentially, guessing different passwords until they get it right. A passphrase or a complex password combined with multi-factor authentication can stop these attacks from succeeding.


Malware is malicious software designed to infiltrate or damage a device. Malware can give cyber criminals access to your master password by watching what you type with a keystroke logger. Learn more about malware.

Phishing and smishing

Phishing and smishing messages are emails and text messages designed to trick you into giving up information by pretending to be from a trusted source.

To get your master password, phishers will disguise themselves as a reputable company (in this case, likely the provider of your password manager) and ask you for your login information or send a link to a fake login site. Learn more about phishing.

Make your password manager work for you

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Choose the right password manager

Not all password managers are equal. Make sure the password manager you choose has security features like:

  • multi-factor authentication
  • prompts to change old passwords
  • notifications about weak or reused passwords
  • integration with your other devices

Password managers can be part of your favorite browsers, a standalone application you download, or can be part of your device operating system.

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Keep your primary password safe

The password to your password manager is the key to every account you have, so you need to be extra careful keeping it safe.

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Enable multi-factor authentication

Protecting your passwords with just another password isn’t enough. Enable your password manager’s multi-factor authentication to create a secure system only you can access.  Learn more about multi-factor authentication.

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Remember your most sensitive passwords

Password managers are a useful tool, but they may not be the best choice for all passwords. Passwords for sensitive accounts like your email and bank should be stored the old-fashioned way: in your head. Learn more about creating a strong password.


Why unique passwords are so important

Why unique passwords are so important

Reusing credentials on multiple accounts leaves you vulnerable to attacks like credential stuffing. Learn why you shouldn’t use the same password on all your accounts and how to protect them.

What's in your cyber security backpack?

What's in your cyber security backpack?

Your backpack is filled with tools to help you succeed in school. Since your devices are a big part of your school year, why not include some cyber tools that will keep you safe online?

Video: Creating a strong password

Video: Creating a strong password

Keeping your passwords secure is one of the most effective ways to increase your cyber safety.



Read up on the latest cyber threats and tips for keeping yourself, your family and your business cyber safe.



Visual learner? Check these out for tips and tricks to keep yourself, your family and your business secure from cyber threats.

Become a champion

Become a champion

Become a Get Cyber Safe champion to help improve internet security for yourself, your organization, and all Canadians.

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