Bluetooth technology can make your life easier by letting you to wirelessly connect your devices. But if you’re not careful, a cyber criminal can easily join the party.


Don’t let the Bluetooth bite

Wired devices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more phones, laptops, and tablets are ditching the wires and encouraging the use of wireless Bluetooth devices like printers, headphones, and keyboards.

Since many of your devices carry sensitive data, you'll want to take extra care when connecting with Bluetooth, particularly in public places. If hackers can detect your Bluetooth, it's also possible for them to hack your device.

Risks to you


Hacking is any action taken to get unauthorized access to a device or account.

When you turn on your Bluetooth, your device becomes discoverable to other Bluetooth enabled devices within range. This can make your device vulnerable to malicious users who are trying to gain access to your information. To help protect your device and your data, always turn Bluetooth off when you’re not using it.


Malware is malicious software designed to infiltrate your device.

Malware, like viruses, can spread through Bluetooth connections. Viruses can have a harmful effect on your device by allowing your data to be stolen.

Lock up your linked devices

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Turn Bluetooth off

Two devices using Bluetooth have to "see" each other before they can connect. Unless you need to use it, always set your device’s Bluetooth to hidden or undiscoverable mode so hackers or strangers can't connect to your device, especially in crowded or public areas.

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Don’t connect with strangers

You should never use Bluetooth to connect to unknown, untrusted, or suspicious sources and you should never accept files from these devices.

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Unpair your devices

If one of your Bluetooth devices is lost or stolen, make sure to delete it from your list of paired devices right away on all your other Bluetooth devices. Since they are all connected, one lost device can provide access to the rest.


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