Video: Device Appreciation Time - Computers

  • Transcript

    (“Device Appreciation Time” theme plays)

    ON SCREEN TEXT: Device Appreciation Time

    (An aerial view of Calgary.)

    It’s device appreciation time ♫

    (A suburban house seen from the outside.)

    (The inside of the house is shown with an open laptop on a dining table.)

    (Audience laughter.)

    (The command prompt opens on the laptop’s screen. The following text conversation appears through the laptop’s command prompt:)

    Computer: C:User/Laptop>I had a bad case of ransomware the other day.

    Off-screen voice: Oh no, what did you do?

    Computer: C:User/Laptop>Sent them a picture of my paycheck. It was so low they ended up sending me money.

    (Audience laughter.)

    Off-screen voice: But seriously, you didn’t pay them, right?

    Computer: C:User/Laptop>I had my data backed up, so I didn’t have to.

    (Audience laughter.)

    (Music plays)


    (Government of Canada Logo)

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