Video: Device Appreciation Time - Networks

  • Transcript

    (“Device Appreciation Time” theme plays)

    ON SCREEN TEXT: Device Appreciation Time

    (An aerial view of Toronto and the CN Tower.)

    It’s device appreciation time ♫

    (The side of an office building is seen from the outside.)

    (The inside of the office is shown with a router on top of a filing cabinet beside a plant and a pen holder.)

    (Audience laughter.)

    (The router makes static noises that sound like a dial-up connection when it “speaks.” Subtitles are used to describe what it’s saying.)

    Router: People keep trying to connect with me!

    Offscreen voice: Yeah, Default, it’s called “networking” for a reason.

    (The router makes static noises.)

    (Audience laughter.)

    Router: No! They’re strangers! And they keep acting like they know me.

    Offscreen voice: Well with a name like that, people are bound to think they recognize you.
    Come here, buddy. Let’s change your default name and password to get them off your back.

    (Audience applause.)

    (Music plays)


    (Government of Canada Logo)

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