Get Cyber Safe phishing bingo

Phishing messages are one of the most common threats online. If you don’t know which signs to look for, they can also be easy to fall for. Luckily, cyber criminals aren’t super creative, and a lot of their tactics tend to get repeated. That’s why knowing how to spot the most frequently used phishing schemes can help protect you!

Below are some of the most widely used phishing tactics. Whenever you receive one of these messages, make sure you check them off on your sheet. If you successfully get a phishing BINGO (by filling in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally), upload your picture to social media and tag us @GetCyberSafe!

Your account was “locked” and you were told to enter personal information to unlock it

The company’s logo was pixelated in the message

You were offered a free vacation

The sender’s email address contained random numbers and characters

You received a message from faraway royalty


You were contacted by “the government”

Someone threatened to take legal action against you

Your “boss” asked you to send them sensitive company information

You were asked to invest in digital currency like Bitcoin

The company’s name was misspelled in the message


There were noticeable spelling mistakes in the email

The message included an executable file (.exe)

Free space

You “won” a contest or lottery you never entered

The email began with “FWD” or “RE: RE: RE:”


Your “streaming service” threatened to close your account

You were asked to send or redeem a gift card

The email address came from a personal account instead of a company account

You received an email for a job opportunity you didn’t apply for

You received a link to track a package that you didn’t order


Your “bank” threatened to close your account

You received a “payment” to collect an e-transfer or tax payment

Your long-lost, never-before-seen relative contacted you to offer an inheritance

You received a social media request from a person you’re already connected with

The message included a strange file for you to download

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