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Cyber Security Awareness Month Week 5: Smart Device Week


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    Cyber Security Awareness Month
    Week 5: Smart Device Week

    Ok, Smart Device: let’s be friends

    Our electronics are becoming smarter than ever. So smart, they can anticipate when you get home, when you need to buy more milk, and remind you to buy a gift for your mom’s cat’s birthday.

    Not smart enough, however, to start a robot rebellion (yet). Before the day comes when we might have to bow down to our toasters, it’s time that we recognize how our smart devices have simplified our lives and find out what we can do to keep them safe and secure.

    2.8 millionNote i Canadian homes have a smart device

    It’s not a popularity contest, but…Note ii
    41% of smart devices owned by Canadians are Bluetooth speakers
    25% own voice-activated assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Home)
    17% own smart thermostats
    16% own smart lights
    15% own smart home security systems (smoke detectors, connected cameras)
    15% own smart appliances (washing machines, smart fridges)
    12% own smart plugs

    Which means a lot of Canadians are spending time with their robot friends.

    Here’s what they do together:Note iii
    Listening to music,
    Radio, and podcasts
    Reading the news
    Checking emails
    Checking social media

    Communication doesn’t seem to be an issue, either.

    30% of CanadiansNote i regularly use voice search or voice commands on their smart devices

    But that doesn’t mean it’s not a love/hate relationship.

    1 out of 4 CanadiansNote ii have engaged in a full conversation with their smart devices
    1 out of 3 CanadiansNote ii have sworn at their smart devices
    And unsurprisingly, Canadians are super polite. (Yes, even with their devices!)
    7 in 10 CanadiansNote ii have said please and thank you to their voice-activated assistants

    With all your devices connected to you and to each other, it’s more important than ever to keep everything secure.Note iv

    17% of Canadians use a guest network with a separate password for their smart devices and/or visitors
    25% of Canadians have researched cyber security steps they can take to secure their smart devices

    Make your smart home smarter:Note v

    • give your router a unique name
    • make sure your Wi-Fi router has WPA2 encryption enabled
    • use a strong, unique passphrase or password for your Wi-Fi networks and devices
    • keep your software up to date
    • set up a separate guest network on your Wi-Fi network for your smart devices
    • set up privacy settings on all of your devices




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