Why we’re focusing on device appreciation this October

Our devices really love us. They’re always there to help us when we need to complete a last-minute assignment for school, buy something online using our smartphone while we’re lying in bed or even when we just want to scroll through social media at the end of a long day.

Now is the time to repay the favour – by focusing on cyber security.

Here’s why we are focusing on device appreciation this Cyber Security Awareness Month in October 2020.

It’s a great way to make yourself more cyber securea person sleeping next to a laptop, which has text "friends forever" on screen

The best part of showing your devices some love this October? It’s a great way to make yourself more cyber secure.

That’s right: By showing some love for your devices during CSAM 2020, you can also show some love for yourself.

Because there’s no better way to appreciate your devices than to protect them. 

It’s fun!

OK, let’s face it: Loving your devices is kind of silly. They are, after all, inanimate objects that were manufactured in a factory somewhere.

But that’s exactly what makes appreciating your devices so much fun. We’re essentially carrying around decades of technological advances and innovation around in our pockets – that’s pretty epic! Maybe we should start treating our devices more like Tamagotchis (#throwback)! Ensuring that we remain attentive to their needs (regular updates, strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, no dropping them in puddles). The better we treat our devices, the more likely they are to keep our info safe.  

By thinking about device appreciation, we hope you can have some fun this October – and, once it’s all over, be more cyber secure.

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It allows you to take stock

Part of appreciating our devices is also knowing when to let them go.

There’s no better way to say thanks to devices that have served us well than to allow them to cross the binary bridge into tablet, smartphone or laptop heaven.

That’s one of the reasons why we’re focusing on taking stock of the devices you already have. It’s a great way to take an inventory of the devices you already own, but may have forgotten about, so you can retire them. After all, there may be devices you are no longer using that nevertheless leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.


CSAM 2020 is a great time to appreciate your devices and, in the process, make yourself more cyber secure.

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we do this October!

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