Keeping your passwords secure has never been easier!

By Jonathan Lee, Cadets Canada

At Get Cyber Safe, our goal is to make cyber security easy and simple for all Canadians. We believe that with the right advice and guidance, anyone can take control of their cyber safety, especially youth. This blog post was drafted by youth members (16-18 years old) of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers of the Canadian Armed Forces. The content may be especially useful for youth, but we believe that the information could help anyone at any age, in any stage in their cyber security journey.

Passwords are the first line of defence in protecting personal information from cyber criminals and malicious software. They are used for everything we do online, so it’s important that they are secure. Here are some tips that make it possible for anyone of any age, including us youth, to create a strong password and keep it safe.

What is a strong password?

Using strong, unique passwords for your accounts is like keeping a new year’s resolution; sometimes easier said than done. But, it does not have to be that way! Whether it’s used to protect your social media accounts, gaming accounts, or emails, a strong and unique password is the first step in keeping you and your information safe. Consider using passphrases which are longer than passwords, but easier to remember. They consist of a combination four or more random words and are at least 15 characters.

Keeping a strong password safe may be easier than you think. Remember to never reuse the same passwords for more than one account, and to never share them. Unique passwords help you avoid putting your accounts and devices at risk. If you have trouble remembering all your passwords, consider using a password manager.


Strong passwords and passphrases are necessary to protecting your personal information from cyber criminals. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of passwords and passphrases you have to remember for school, gaming and email, a password manager can help keep track of them. But remember, a strong and unique password is just a start. It’s important to make cyber security a priority, regardless of age. More ways to help you stay safe online.

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