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How to make device appreciation a part of your regular routine

Well, we’ve come to the end of Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020. Throughout this month, we have focused on appreciating our devices by following cyber security best practices, including safely disposing of old devices, updating software regularly, and being mindful of cyber threats on all of our devices. It has been a fun ride that has hopefully helped you become more cyber safe.

Now comes the hard part: introducing cyber security routines into the other eleven months of the year.

Here are some tips for how you can apply the lessons from device appreciation time to your regular routines.

Schedule time in your calendara person looking at a phone with coloured shapes; text "CSAM 2020"

Device appreciation time can happen any time throughout the year. You just need to make sure you remember to take the time to do so.

If you schedule some time in your calendar for device appreciation, you can make sure that your commitment to cyber security doesn’t get away from you.

It could mean simply setting a reminder in an online calendar or day planner. Or maybe you just want to remember to appreciate your devices on the first of every month.

Whatever works for you – the point is to take the steps that will have the most impact in making you more cyber safe.

Organize an action plan around device categories

One of the big advantages of taking a device appreciation approach to cyber security is that it creates a relatively easy plan.

One week you can focus on phones. The next, computers. Then, after that, networks.

You can take the same device-centred approach to cyber security at any time.

For example: One month you might want to focus on your phone. The next you might want to focus on your laptop.

The exact plan is up to you. But the point is that it’s  simple enough to follow.

Hang on to your ‘taking stock’ list

Remember when we encouraged you to take stock of your devices? Don’t forget all the devices you’ve identified! You can use it throughout the year to help yourself stay more cyber safe.

For example: You may want to schedule time to look at the list. That way, you can review it and develop a plan for updating the security on each device.

Trying to keep a whole family cyber safe? Your list will help with that as well. You can divide up the responsibilities to ensure everyone in your family is doing their part to stay cyber safe (added bonus…parents: this could teach kids to take ownership and responsibility for the devices they use).


Cyber Security Awareness Month can’t last all year. But device appreciation time can happen any time. Follow these steps to show appreciation for your devices – and improve your cyber security – all year-round.


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