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For this blog post, Get Cyber Safe has partnered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), who, like us, understands how important cyber security is to businesses as well as individuals. This blog presents their perspective, and we thank them for being a dedicated partner in the cyber security of Canadians.

When you're with family or friends and the topic of scams comes up, most people will confirm that they recently received a suspicious phone call, email or text message. We are all familiar with these scams, which have become daily annoyances. But does everyone in your life know how to protect themselves from scammers and be scam smart? Maybe you can help!

There are a variety of scams and frauds happening in Canada - with new ones invented daily. Scammers attempt to imitate government departments and agencies, such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), to gain access to your personal and financial information. Some of these attempts are easy to identify, and usually contain unusual and suspicious requests or demands. Others are more believable and look legitimate by copying wording and format styles used by government agencies.

Something that might be easy for you to identify as a scam, might not be as easy for a friend or family member. So, what can do you?

Talk about it!

Ask others if they’ve received anything suspicious lately that you can review together, or check out the CRA scam alerts page for more information on different types of scams to help avoid them. You can also review their scams and fraud page for information about what to expect (and not expect) when Government of Canada departments and agencies, including the CRA, contact you.


Someone could be embarrassed if they aren't able to distinguish a scam or if they were a victim of one. Provide reassurance that it can happen to anyone! New scams are becoming more complex and believable. By talking to your friends and family about scams, you can help spread awareness and help each other to be scam smart!

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