Express your love for your devices this Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a love connection this Valentine’s Day, then look no further than what you’ve got right under your nose – we’re talking about your devices, of course! They may not be able to send you a box of heart-shaped candies or summon a flock of cherubs to rain over you with bows and arrows… But your devices are worth more than a flying baby, anyways. "a person hugging a laptop, with smiley face emojis and fingerprints in the form of hearts in the background"

Your gadgets and gizmos have been there for you through it all, proving their unwavering faithfulness through a global pandemic and hours of work or fun. And it’s time to give back to them.

Whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s Day, make sure that they include giving your devices the TLC they deserve. Here are some ways that you can express your love.

Build a stronger connection with each other

Strengthen the connection between you and your devices by focusing on your network. Your network devices, like your routers and modems, are what connect you and your other devices to the internet. Needless to say, you want to be in your network devices’ good graces. You can strengthen your bond by changing the default username and password to something unique that only the two of you will know (inside jokes are so romantic).

You can also give your network devices the gift of love and relaxation by creating a guest network. A guest network can prevent cyber attacks by managing your less secure devices, like your smart speakers, smart fridges or even guests’ phones. If a cyber criminal were to compromise your guest network, the primary network that manages your phone or computer would still be able to keep your most important data safe and secure.

Tell each other your greatest secrets

There’s no greater bond than trust in a relationship, and there’s no greater display of trust than telling each other your secrets. In the case of your devices, the best secrets that you can keep are your passwords and passphrases. Your devices do a great job of holding up their end of the bargain by holding onto your personal information, so make sure you’re giving them the same treatment by ensuring your password or passphrase is top-notch.

Make sure your passwords are at least 12 characters in length and use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Even better, use passphrases that are at least 15 characters and 4 words long and don’t use common phrases that are easy to guess. Examples of a good passphrase could include HorseBlanketCelloAloe or CheeseCactusRecordSwamp.

You can strengthen your bond even more by using multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your devices whenever it’s available. MFA uses two or more authentication factors to verify your identity so you can access your gadgets. For example, it could mean using a password in combination with facial recognition on your phone or using a PIN in combination with a fingerprint scan to get into your computer. You can even enable MFA across many of your accounts, like your email or your social media. This added layer of security helps prevent cyber criminals from hacking into your devices or accounts. Plus, your devices will love you even more for taking that extra step to keep them safe.

Learn how to communicate better by keeping each other updated

A strong relationship is built on communication skills, like keeping each other up to date on what’s new. And when it comes to you and your devices, that means keeping them updated so that they can do the same for you.

Running software updates as soon as they are available is one of the easiest ways to keep your relationship, and your devices, secure. Not only do they often contain cool new features and settings, but they also come with security patches and bug fixes that are essential for your device’s safety.

To keep your devices happy and secure, don’t put off running important updates like you put off doing chores (you know what they say – happy device, happy life, am I right?). Instead, set your devices to install updates automatically or run them overnight when it’s convenient for you.


Taking these steps won’t only make the love between you and your devices stronger – they’ll also help you protect each other from cyber criminals that might want to break up your relationship. By staying cyber secure with your devices this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to give them the tender love and care that they deserve while staying secure online.

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