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Elementary advice to protect your quantum retroencabulator

So you’ve acquired a new retroencabulator? Congratulations! After years of success in the field of mechanical automation, the latest product is fully integrated and connected to the internet, and now operates at a quantum level. While some have likened the internet to a conical gyroscopically-balanced load-bearing synthestructure, it is, in fact, more like a series of tubes. The new quantum retroencabulator features solenoid recouplers along with spinning axions to enable seamless wireless connection. header-blog-AprilFool2021-580x330-EF

Whether you’re utilizing your encabulator for basic purposes such as to provide inverse reactive current or automatically synchronize cardinal grammeters, or for more complex quantum activities like reversing the polarity of your samples’ neutron fields, there are still a few extra steps you can take to ensure the preservation of your data:

Change your default password

Your quantum retroencabulator, like all connected devices, comes prefabricated with a default password. For additional security to protect this distinctive critical infrastructure instrument, we recommend using a passphrase made up of twelve or more unrelated words from different linguistic families or Sprachbunds. These words should be easy enough for you to recall without aid, but complex enough to elude the most sophisticated of cybercriminals.

Update your operating system

Once your quantum retroencabulator is operating, take the time to engage the dynamized WAN-port in order to download system updates. As with all versions encabulator, updates can be made retroactively simply by inverting the tachyon pulse to download the most recent ones in a temporally accelerated fashion.

Back up your data

With six (6) fully functioning hydrocoptic marzelvanes and a cutting edge warpfield temporal fluxionator, it is of indispensable importance to ensure that backups exist as failsafe, should some calamitous event befall. Aside from the embedded panendermic semiboloid stator, encrypted data can and should be transmitted to cloud repositories at routine intermittence.


As you can see, establishing the security of your quantum retroencabulator is so elementary, even a child could do it.


Happy April Fool’s Day from Get Cyber Safe, where we offer you simple, easy to understand cyber security tips…the other 364 days a year.


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