Cyber security – Myths vs reality

Trying to get cyber safe can bring up many questions and can be overwhelming trying to figure out what information to trust. Nowadays, information travels fast and it’s easy to find the wrong answers first. We’ve debunked some common cyber security myths that you may come across while looking for information online.

“Installing anti-virus software is all that I need to get cyber safe”

Think of it this way – to have a successful beach day, you need more than your bathing suit and a towel. You need sunscreen, snacks and maybe an inflatable beach ball. Successful cyber security needs many tools that help it be solid and effective, and an anti-virus software is one of those tools. An anti-virus software works best alongside other security measures like virtual private networks (VPNs) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to keep you protected on all fronts.


“It’s easy to spot a phishing scam, and I would never fall for one”

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more skilled at making phishing messages seem real. For example, spear phishing and social engineering schemes can be very hard to recognize, since they use more targeted information to trick you into taking action. Get familiar with the different forms of phishing and social engineering to reduce the chances of falling for a phishing scam.

“Cyber threats only target large companies and groups, so why would they want to steal my data?”

Cyber threats come in many forms and target both individuals and organizations. All information is valuable to a cyber criminal, and they can target anyone. Be extra mindful of the personal information you put on the internet. Keeping your information private can prevent cyber criminals from using it against you. Secure your online accounts to keep that information locked up and away from prying eyes.

“I’m not good with computers, so cyber security is too complicated for me”

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to safely browse the internet. Many cyber security precautions are easy to take and can help you go about your daily online activities without putting yourself at risk. Ensuring that all your passwords are strong and unique, is a great way to boost your account security. We recommend using a password manager to help you keep track of all those passwords, too!


The internet has lots of wrong information, including cyber security information. Fortunately, Get Cyber Safe is a trusted resource to find the right information and a variety of resources to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online. By knowing the truth instead of these common myths, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself from cyber threats.

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