Cyber Security Awareness Month Week 2: Phone Week


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    Swipe up to connect with your bestie

    The first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Your bundle of joy that you could never imagine leaving behind. Your best friend. Your weather forecaster. Your personal banker. Your GPS. Your photographer.

    We’re talking about your smartphone, of course.

    It’s hard to imagine a day without your phone, especially since it knows you like the back of its… err, microprocessor – which is why it’s important to have its back, by keeping it safe.

    Canadians are all about their smartphones. In fact,
    88% of Canadians own a smartphone Note i

    And we can’t seem to get enough screen time.
    45% of Canadians check their phone at least every 30 minutes Note i

    If you’re having a hard time hanging up, you’re not alone:

    1 in 5 canadians haven’t gone more than 8 hours without accessing the internet. Note ii

    72% will use their phone to get online Note iii

    45% admit to using their smartphone while on the toilet Note ii

    And who could blame us when our phones do so much for us?

    How Canadians use their smartphones every day: Note iv

    85% social networking
    80% chat/messengers
    68% entertainment and video
    72% map/GPS
    56% shopping
    47% music

    Your phone is your sidekick.

    And just like any BFF, you need to have each other’s backs – because you might not know it, but you and your phone could be at risk.

    27% of Canadians have been the victim of a cyber attackNote iii

    12% of Canadians have fallen for text message scams on their phonesNote v

    Here’s what you can do to keep your best buddy beepin’:

    • Use multi-factor authentication
    • Regularly update your device’s OS
    • Software and applications
    • Use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi networks
    • Only connect to secure Wi-Fi networks
    • Be cautious when downloading apps
    • Be aware of phishing and smishing scams
    • Enable device tracking in case your phone gets lost or stolen

    Get tips on how to appreciate your devices at GETCYBERSAFE.CA


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