Adopt MEaningful gaming habits this holiday season

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Gaming is a popular pastime for Canadians of all ages, especially during the holiday season. Now that online gaming is available through most devices, it’s become an effortless way for Canadians to stay connected to the digital world. While we may not want to think of cyber security while we’re in fantasy land, cyber criminals see gaming differently. In general, cyber criminals target video game accounts for financial information, personal information and in-game items and currency. Whether you’re gaming on a new device this holiday season or playing the hottest new games on an existing device, take a moment to get familiar with gaming cyber security and learn more about Roblox’s safety features that can help give users and caregivers peace of mind.

Level up by securing your gaming device

A recent study shows that 53% of Canadians game regularly, with more and more gaming taking place onlineFootnote 1. Like all internet connected devices, it’s important that your gaming console is secure. For example, make sure your device is locked with a strong and unique passphrase or PIN and enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), if available. MFA provides a layer of protection by requiring you to use more than one way to confirm your identity, like a verification code or biometrics. Make sure that your device’s software is always updated. In addition to accessing new features and fixing bugs, software updates often contain new security features to help protect from attacks. For added safety, apply a camera cover to your device and turn off location services when it is not in use (if it does not cause issues with the rules set by the game you are playing).

Protecting your accounts and yourself IRL

Most gaming consoles and online gaming platforms require users to create an account. If you’re not careful, your personal information is at risk of being exposed and can fall into the wrong hands. Make sure to keep your personal information private by:

  • creating a username that does not include any personal information
  • download content from reputable sources, like verified game stores
  • using strong and unique passwords and passphrases for each account
  • enabling MFA on accounts if available
  • using a password manager to keep track of login information across your many accounts and devices
  • review your privacy settings to control what and where information is shared
  • avoid sharing private information in game chats like your real name, where you live or financial information
  • do not save financial information on your accounts

Ready for safe game play

Now that your device and accounts are all set up and secure, you’re ready to dive in and install some new apps. One option could be Roblox, a 3D immersive platform that connects millions of people through shared experiences. The platform offers extensive parental controls, policies and community guidelines that are all designed to create a safe and inclusive space.

Parents can access parental guides and have numerous ways to secure their kids’ accounts. This includes monitoring and viewing account activity, chat history, message history, friends and followers, purchases on the platform, recently played experiences and more. Parental guides offer the ability to disable chat, set a parental pin to lock account settings, set multi-factor authentication (MFA), and set monthly spend restrictions. Parental guides also allow parents to set age-based experience controls, known as experience guidelines, that recommend the content suitability of an experience.


Gaming is fun for people of all ages. There is no shortage of choice of games that allow us to escape reality while staying connected to friends and loved ones. But gaming consoles and devices hold data that is more appealing to cyber criminals than you might realize. Make sure to beat cyber criminals at their own game by keeping you, your devices and your accounts cyber safe.

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