How Cyber Safe Are You In The Digital Age?


How Cyber Safe Are You In The Digital Age?

Canadians spend an average of six hours a day online.

What Devices Do Canadians Use To Access The Internet?

94% use a laptop or desktop computer

74% use smartphones

58% use tablets

25% use smart TVs

25% use gaming systems

Canadians protect their computers from online threats, but only 50% know of the risks to their other devices.

You Can Protect All Your Devices From Cyber Threats Using:

Strong passwords

Up-to-date security software

Trusted sources to download content

How Do Canadians Stay Connected?

83% use secure home Wi-Fi

41% use cellular provider’s network

32% use public Wi-Fi

If You’re Using Wi-Fi On-The-Go:

Use password protected Wi-Fi connections

Don’t connect to unknown networks

Turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use

What Are Canadians Doing Online?

98% checking email

85% banking online

83% reading news/watching TV

80% using social networks

Protect Yourself:

Do not open links or attachments that seem suspicious

Never ‘auto-remember’ your passwords or personal info

Update your privacy settings

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