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    Software updates

    Our computers, phones, and tablets are useful devices that can help us connect, but they often contain personal information. That personal information could be compromised if our devices are vulnerable to cyber threats. The best and easiest way to protect yourself? Update your software regularly.

    Say YES to updates

    42% of smartphone owners update their operating systems ASAP1

    56% of Canadians update their anti-virus at least once a week2

    Say NO to “update later”

    42% of smartphone owners update their operating systems “when it’s convenient”1

    And 14% of smartphone owners never update their OS at all1

    The risks of ignoring your updates

    • Many people think that updating your software and devices is only for accessing new features and fixing bugs, but that’s not true. Updates often contain new security features to protect against attacks.
    • Not updating your devices and software can leave you vulnerable to malware, hacking and more.

    Making time makes a difference

    We get it – there’s nothing more frustrating than having to stop what you’re doing to install an update. But the added security it provides is worth it.

    Here are some tips to stay on top of updates:

    • Enable automatic updates
    • Open your device during off hours and run your updates during downtime
    • Take an extended coffee break to make time to update your devices and software    

    Types of software updates

    Look out for available updates on all of your devices, including your:

    • Operating systems on your computer and mobile devices
    • Antivirus software
    • Web browsers
    • Games and apps

    More reasons to update

    • Access new features
    • Prevent cyber threats and protect your personal data
    • Fix glitches and bugs

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    2 Public Safety Canada, Survey of Internet Users Regarding Cyber Security, EKOS Research Associates, 2018


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