Online dating cyber security: Three ways to stay protected

February 5, 2020

Online dating was once relegated to the margins of the romantic world. Now, with the popularity of apps like Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid, it’s more unusual to hear about a couple NOT meeting online.

But the excitement of meeting that new special someone also brings risks. Online dating is a key place for cyber criminals to exploit people who are genuinely looking for love so they can steal money.

Don’t become a victim in your quest for romance! Follow these tips so you can stay cyber secure while searching for love online.

"two hearts with elipsis in the overlap, against a background of various emoji faces"Never, ever send money to people you meet while online dating

It’s understandable how people can become victims in online dating scams. Cyber criminals are expert at creating fake profiles, then building trust and rapport with the people they’re targeting.

That’s why, for victims, online dating scams can be so hard to spot. Victims are earnestly trying to build a relationship with the people they meet, which requires trusting the people they meet online.

The problem, though, is that cyber criminals aren’t looking for love. They’re looking to exploit your quest for romance so they can steal your money.
There are a few ways to spot a scammer when online dating, but a request to send money is the reddest of red flags.

If someone you are chatting with through an online dating site or app asks you to send them money, stop talking to them.

And, of course, don’t ever send them money. If you do, they’ll disappear once you receive it – leaving your bank and your heart broke.

Be wary of talking to people who avoid meeting in real life

Cyber criminals who communicate through online dating tools don’t ever intend to meet in real life. They just want to continue communicating with you long enough so that they can encourage you to send them money and then disappear.

That’s why online dating cyber scammers will think of every reason possible to not meet up with you in real life.

This could include using a tragic event or other misfortune as an excuse not to meet. Or it could be someone claiming to be from the same area, city or country but always travelling on business.

If you’ve met someone online who always has an excuse for not meeting in real life, you should start asking yourself: Why?

It’s probably a sign you’re dealing with a cyber criminal.

Keep chatting on the dating website or app

One tactic cyber criminals use is to move conversations off of online dating websites or apps.

If a person you are chatting with online wants to move your chat over to email or instant messaging, be cautious. It’s a red flag that the person you are chatting with might be a cyber criminal.


Online dating is a great way to meet a new partner or find romance.

But don’t let your quest for love stop you from being cyber secure.

Follow these tips  to stay cyber secure while you embark on your online dating adventures.

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