Express your love this Valentine’s Day…with cyber security!

February 5, 2020

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time for candy, flowers, cards and…cyber security?

That’s right ­– if you really want to express your love this February, consider mixing in a message on how your loved ones can protect themselves from cyber threats. Aren’t sure how cyber security can mesh with your usual Valentine’s Day traditions?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

"fingerprints in the shape of hearts, with heart notifications"Send an “adopt a strong password” note with flowers

Flowers are a hearty perennial of Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t want to show up their co-workers by receiving flowers at the office from a loved one?

This year, consider mixing it up. If you’re planning to send a loved one some tulips or daisies, include a note that encourages them to adopt a strong password.

Why? Because adopting a strong password is the best way to protect yourself from cyber criminals.

So if you’re looking to truly show your love on February 14, a strong password one of the most expressive gifts you can give.

Give candy…and a reminder about multi-factor authentication

Everyone loves getting candy for Valentine’s Day. And why not? Candy is delicious and a perfect way to tell someone “I love you”.

But if you want to make that candy taste even sweeter, consider throwing in some cyber security to go along with it.

When you drop off a bag of sweets, sweeten the deal with a note about the importance of turning on multi-factor authentication – it’s one of the best ways to protect your devices and accounts against cyber crime.

By turning on multi-factor authentication, which adds another barrier of security for cyber criminals trying to steal your information, you’ll make it that much less likely your Valentine’s Day will end in cyber heartbreak.

Give a “phishing and smishing” valentine

Some messages – like heartfelt valentines from loved ones – are a pleasure to receive. Other messages – like emails and texts from cyber criminals trying to steal your money and personal information – aren’t.

Help your loved ones stay cyber secure this Valentine’s Day by including a message about avoiding phishing and smishing scams in any valentines you send.

Phishing and smishing are emails and other messages (such as text messages) from cyber criminals. These messages are designed to appear legitimate to get you to click on links or send information so those cyber criminals can steal your personal or financial information.

By helping to educate your loved ones on the dangers of phishing and smishing you’ll ensure they feel the love all year-round. 


Valentine’s Day is a great time to express our love for those around us. And a perfect way to do that – aside from flowers, candy and cards – is to help them stay safe from cyber threats.

This year, consider mixing in one of the above cyber security messages with your usual Valentine’s Day traditions.

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