Participate in SCRUB Day

March 28, 2019

When did you last review your social media photos and friend lists?

Mo the mobile phone is surfing on a scrub brush with water and bubbles in the background

On March 28, participate in SCRUB Day. “SCRUB” your social media accounts to tidy up your online profiles and protect your privacy and personal information.


SCRUB your profiles

Set privacy options.. Change passwords.. Remove inappropriate posts.. Untag photos.. Block strangers

March 27
Learn about #SCRUBday at

A message from the government of Canada


To “SCRUB” your social media profiles, you should:

Set privacy options

Change passwords

Remove inappropriate posts

Untag photos

Block strangers

Shareable Images

Follow @GetCyberSafe and share these images with #SCRUBday to join the movement that is sweeping the Internet!

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