New device checklist

New device checklist.
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Before you start using it, take these steps to customize it and keep it cyber safe.

1. Get Secure

Lock your device with a strong password

Enable multi-factor authentication

Review the privacy policy and terms of use

Update your privacy settings

2. Stay Updated

Update your device’s operating system

Enable automatic software updates

3. Make It Yours

Uninstall apps you won’t use

Review app permissions, look out for any apps asking for access to data not relevant to their function

Turn off location services when not in use

Disable any other features you don’t need

Once your device is set up:

Apply a camera cover

Disable Bluetooth when not in use

Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi or use a VPN

Always accept OS and software updates

Get more tips for your device at:


Communications Security Establishment

Government of Canada

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