Banking and Finance

The ability to bank and perform transactions online these days lets you check your account balances, pay bills, manage your credit card accounts, control investments and set up transfers all without stepping foot in a branch.

Not surprisingly, cyber criminals target financial websites with the hopes of collecting enough information to gain access to personal accounts. Fortunately, the sophisticated security software these sites use makes them difficult to hack, so cyber criminals resort to other means to get your information.

What are the risks?

Cyber criminals will go to extraordinary lengths to steal your bank account number, your password, your login information or your credit card information – directly from you.  Here are some of the ways they attempt to do this:

A good rule of thumb when you're banking online: always look for the "lock" icon and an https:// connection to be sure you have a safe connection. Banks and financial institutions always have your best interest in mind and do their utmost to provide you with a safe Internet banking experience. While there are risks involved with anything you do online, it shouldn't deter you from using these convenient sites. The more you learn, the safer you'll be.

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