Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology links devices which are relatively close together, including everything from wireless earphones and headsets to printers, keyboards and cameras. And since your mobile carries sensitive data, you'll want to take a bit of extra care when connecting with Bluetooth. If hackers can detect your Bluetooth, it's also possible for them to hack your device.

Did you know:

  • Two Bluetooth-enabled devices have to "see" each other before they can connect. Unless you need to use it, always set your mobile's Bluetooth to hidden or undiscoverable mode so hackers or strangers can't "see" it.
  • Hackers can't connect to your device without your Bluetooth address, but remember – the minute you set Bluetooth as discoverable, your address shows up on all other Bluetooth devices and scans.
  • You should avoid turning on your mobile's Bluetooth or making connections in crowded or public areas – stick to private spaces populated with people you trust.
  • Be aware that mobile viruses can also spread through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You should never use Bluetooth to connect to unknown, untrusted or suspicious sources and strangers, and never accept files from these devices.
  • If one of your Bluetooth devices is lost or stolen, make sure you immediately delete those device pairings from all of your other Bluetooth devices. Since they are all connected to each other, one lost device can provide a gateway to the rest of them.
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