Cyber security for kids: How parents can talk with their children

June 12, 2020

There’s so much that kids don’t know about the world, or could have the wrong information about.  

You know that, as your child’s first teacher, you have a lot of ground to cover to educate your kids about real world issues. But it’s important not to forget one issue that impacts many parts of their lives: cyber security.

Kids who don’t know how to keep themselves cyber secure are vulnerable to losing their information, their identity, and their money.

Here’s how you, as a parent, can have “the talk” with your kids about cyber security.

Let them know what’s at stake

The first thing kids need to know about cyber security is that the threat is real. There are cyber criminals who want to steal from anyone, even a kid.
In general, staying cyber secure revolves around the following three areas:

Many kids have never had to consider these threats before. By educating them on why cyber security matters, kids are more likely to take steps to protect themselves.

Let them know the threats

Cyber criminals have a variety of tactics in their toolkits to carry out their attacks. Knowing the most common threats is one of the best ways your kids can protect themselves from them. You should talk to them about what’s at stake when they’re online and how cyber criminals are likely to target them.

One of the biggest risks is social media, and  kids – heavy users of social media – are particularly vulnerable if they don’t know what to watch out for.

Many times, for social engineering and phishing, the offers sound too good to be true, but looks so real. But if you can teach your kids about these threats, you can help them avoid becoming victims.

Let them know how to stay safe

There’s no silver bullet for staying cyber secure. But, through a combination of different measures, you can significantly decrease the risk of your kids becoming victims of cyber attacks.

Here’s are some best practices that you can use today to keep your kids cyber secure.

Passwords and passphrases should never use the same info your kids have posted online (like using a pet’s name as a password).


There are lots of areas that parents need to educate your kids on. But don’t forget about cyber security!

It’s one of the most essential lessons a parent can impart to keep their kids safe.

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