Shop Safely Online this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday!

November 14, 2017

Black Friday is a wonderful, yet hectic day which marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Stores offer great deals to attract customers, both online and in-store. It is celebrated annually on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US (every fourth Thursday of November). This year, it falls on November 24th, so get your holiday shopping lists ready!

If you don’t like the chaos of crowds in stores, there’s always Cyber Monday, which is all about the deals online. Here are some online shopping tips to help you shop cyber safe:

  1. Shop on secure networks (not public Wi-Fi)
    • Stick to networks that are familiar, and have password protection. Check out these tips on how to be #WiseFi!
  2. Shop on secure websites
    • Look for a lock icon, unbroken key symbol, or a website address that begins with https:// (fun fact; the “s” stands for “secure”).
  3. Don’ t allow a site to store your information
    • Don’t save your personal information, passwords and credit card information on a site. Leaving info there can put it at risk of having cybercriminals access it.
  4. Review credit card statements for unauthorized charges
    • Save receipts and confirmations of purchase to know where you have recently spent money in case you discover an unauthorized charge.
  5. Only buy from websites you trust
    • some clues that a website isn’t trustworthy are:
      • The site looks poorly designed, unprofessional and contains broken links.
      • You can't find an address or phone number for the business.
      • Sales, return and privacy policies are hard to find or unclear.
      • The back button is disabled. In other words, you get stuck on a page and can't go back.
      • You're asked for credit card information anytime other than when you are making a purchase.

For more tips on how to shop safety online, check out Mo’s #OnlineShopping101 videos!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday CONTEST

Shopping season is here. Enter our contest November 6-12. All you have to do is share your best safe online shopping tips, and you could win an e-gift card valued at $100! Read the full contest rules and details.. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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