How to #ConnectSmarter on the Internet of Things (IoT)

September 1, 2017

What is the IoT?

Many devices you use daily are connected to the internet. Not just smartphones and computers, but home appliances and systems, vehicles, TVs, portable electronics, and even wearable technology.

How the IoT affects your personal security

Many things connected to the internet send information about their use back to the manufacturer. They can also be hacked by outside parties. It's important to understand how to use the IoT without compromising your privacy or security.

Types of IoT technology

IoT in your home

Your entertainment, heating and cooling, and security systems (including baby monitors and toys) can be part of the IoT. But so can “smart” appliances in the kitchen, etc.

IoT on the move

It's not just smart phones. Wearable technology, like smart watches and fitness trackers, are common IoT wearables. Connected clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, and more may be coming soon.

Some cars and other vehicles are now connected to the internet. As well, cameras, gaming systems, pet trackers, and more.

How to recognize IoT devices

Many connected devices and appliances need to be set up using your phone or computer, and connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Electronics that send you notifications for software updates are connected to the internet. As is anything that you can track or control through your smartphone or computer.

How to safely use the IoT

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Karim Damani

It's really important to have this basic knowledge about the devices that we use on a daily basis that are connected to internet and that is gathering your personal information and monitoring all our day-to-day activities, patterns and behaviors.

Narada Thomas

I think high schools and secondary schools educate students and encourage students to be aware of their IoT and cyber safety. I'm surprised to see how many of us are unaware of the danger and igrone procedures to avoid that. Some of us even have good technology knowledge yet we igrone it.

Karen Hand

This is good advice but information about how to put IoT devices off line when not in use, how to turn off microphones and cameras as well as how to check and change permissions would be useful. And info how to find valid professionals to assist with all this would be helpful. All devices come with dauntingly long and complicated terms of use and agreements and, in my experience, when trying to deny permissions, there are warnings the device won't work properly or there is a block not allowing registration of the device to proceed.


Sometimes I forget how long it's been since I updated my security software and changed passwords. Good reminder.


Good article of reminding us of how many more devices we are connected.

Karen Nash

This is important to know especially with the current and upcoming changes in technology that encourage everyone to be connected 24/7.

Jo Ann

Information is always power. Good update


This is a good article that explains IoT and the importance of the public to be more aware on their cyber security.

David Cameron

It is good to raise public awareness. It is the most effective way to improve overall internet security.

David Fung

It's a challenge for most to distinguish what's an IoT device or not. Better yet, if any device that connects to the wifi can be an IoT device, but many are not aware or care about that fact.

Cheryl Caldell

It’s good to see more information about internet safety. I teach students in high school and I’m surprised how lax students can be with their information.

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