About Get Cyber Safe

Get Cyber Safe is a national public awareness campaign created to educate Canadians about Internet security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online. The campaign's goal is to bring together all levels of government, the public and private sectors, and the international community, to help Canadians be safer online.

The campaign is an important component of Canada's Cyber Security Strategy, which is dedicated to securing government systems, partnering to secure vital cyber systems outside the federal government, and helping Canadians to be secure online.

The campaign is being led by Public Safety Canada on behalf of the Government of Canada.

About Mobile Safety

Canadians use mobile devices for everything, from banking to shopping to working on-the-go. As convenient as it is, having all these activities at our fingertips puts our data and devices at risk of being accessed, infected, or even stolen.

With the help of our partners, Get Cyber Safe has developed mobile safety campaigns and resources to educate Canadians and protect them against many types of cyber threats.

Be #WiseFi

Be #WiseFi is a mobile safety campaign established to teach Canadians how to use and access Wi-Fi safely on their phone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile devices.

Access #WiseFi tips, videos, blogs, and resources and don't forget to share them on your social channels using the hashtag!

Get Cyber Safe and the #CyberTalk initiative

In September 2014, GetCyberSafe aired its first-ever #CyberTalk. The English conversation took place on September 17 and the French took place on September 24.

#CyberTalk was a live, online Q&A where Canadian parents could ask questions to leading specialists on cyber security, online safety, and parenting. The discussion was about how parents can keep their children safe online and on social media, what controls should be in place, and cyberbullying.

To watch the #CyberTalk discussion, visit the Get Cyber Safe Facebook page.

About Cyber Security Awareness Month

To help us all become more aware of what we can do to be safe online, October has been designated as a time of year to step up our efforts and increase our knowledge of online safety.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is a joint effort by government and business leaders from across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Working together, with all our citizens, we can continue to put into effect better practices and safeguards to combat cyber crime.

About Stop Hating Online

Stop Hating Online is the Government of Canada’s anti-cyberbullying public awareness campaign. It focuses on cyberbullying in terms of social impacts and potential legal consequences.

As a comprehensive resource for parents and youth, GetCyberSafe.ca provides information, advice and tools to prevent and stop hate, cyberbullying and the non-consensual distribution of intimate images that can take place online, including through social networks and mobile messages.

The campaign encourages everyone to stand up against cyberbullying. Find out what you can do and take part by following us on Twitter.com/GetCyberSafe and Facebook.com/GetCyberSafe.


#WordsHurt is an interactive YouTube experience that is part of the Government of Canada's anti-cyberbullying campaign, Stop Hating Online.

Because cyberbullying happens online, bullies may not witness first-hand the pain they're causing, making it easier for them to continue and even increase the intensity of their attacks. #WordsHurt was created to demonstrate the emotional impact of cyberbullying by showing the impact words can have, whether they are said or sent.

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