Words Hurt Transcript

The video opens on a girl's bedroom with the viewpoint from a laptop webcam. The girl is around 15 years old. She is dressed in casual jeans and a simple pink t-shirt. She is sitting on a bed with her hands together and is looking at the ground.

A text bubble appears on the lower right side of the screen. The bubble has some text, a blank space with a flashing text prompt for the viewer to enter in a word to complete the message, as well as an enter arrow. The bubble has the following text:

u looked [blank] today.

The word, pretty, is typed into the blank space, creating the message - u looked pretty today. Then the word pretty is quickly erased from the typing space. Then, the word, really nice, is typed into the space and then is quickly erased. Finally, the word, disgusting, is typed into the space. The enter arrow on the text bubble flashes and then we hear the message sent blip.

The girl then raises her head and stares at the screen. The screen fades to black.

On screen text: You send. She reacts. Click here to see how the words you use affects others.

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