Transcript: Easy Ways to Stay Safe on Your Mobile presents 'Easy Ways to Stay Safe on Your Mobile.'

Mobiles are great. They're little computers that fit in your pocket. Oh, and they're also phones. (ring tone is heard)

They let you do just about everything you do on your home computer or laptop, plus you get some useful apps to make mobile surfing easier and more fun.

But there are dangers, too.

Your mobile's size means it can easily be lost or stolen. In either case, your data and information could end up in the hands of a cyber criminal, or someone else who will do something nasty with it.

Also, phishing scams happen on mobile phones. And cyber criminals are out there, eager to get access to your device through public WiFi networks and your Bluetooth connection.

And remember those fun apps?They can be a useful tool to help cyber crooks get your contacts, your calendars, and even GPS locations of you and your friends.

It's easy to lose everything when 'going mobile'. Fortunately, it's just as easy to protect yourself by doing some very easy things.

Here they are.

Easy thing number one.
Use your auto-lock, so that your mobile locks automatically once you stop using it. And set a tough password to start it up again. This may seem like a pain, but it will ensure that anyone who steals or finds your phone can't learn things about you that you wouldn't want a stranger to know.

Easy thing number two.
When it comes to apps, only download them from sites or sources you can trust and check the rating and reviews. Also, be cautious about the information the apps ask you to share. It's best to store only the information you absolutely need on your mobile device. If it's not there, it can't be stolen.

Easy thing number three.
Think before you click. Always great advice, and particularly when you're on your mobile, where the screen is small. So take a good look, and have a good think. Watch out for phishing scams and make sure you only go on password protected public Wi-Fi networks.

Easy thing number four.
Turn off your Bluetooth connection when you're not using it, and don't use it in a public place. Your Bluetooth connection is one of those doors that cyber criminals like to sneak in through. So shut it in their faces.

Easy thing number five.
Make a point of regularly checking your service provider's website for operating system security updates, and keep your phone up to date. Cyber crooks are always up on the latest scams. Make sure your mobile has the latest defenses.

Mobiles are a great way to get out in the real world but still have access to the cyber one. But as with other kinds of cyber surfing, there are specific dangers to watch out for.

If you act on the tips we've just shared, you can 'go mobile' without getting slowed down by a cyber scam.

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