Stop Hating Online: "Pass It On" TV Ad Transcript

Opens on teen boy in his bedroom. We see the screen of his phone has a text and file attachment that says “Check out pic of Jack's girlfriend”. We see the boy smirk and send the file.

Next we see another teenage boy, in a mall with two friends. He looks at his phone and shows it to his friends.  All three look at the phone with jaws dropping. They are reacting to something that is clearly graphic. The boy hits ‘send'.

Next, we see two teenage girls looking at the screen of a laptop while seated at a library table.  On the screen is the file name: “jacks_girlfriend.jpg” They stare agape at the screen, then one girl presses upload and looks over her shoulder.

Next we see another teenage boy looking at the screen of his phone as he sits on a bus.  On his screen he comments “Whoa!!” and as he exits the bus he forwards the file.

Finally we cut to the interior of a principal's office. We see two of the boys and one of the girls we saw earlier in the spot sitting in chairs and looking very nervous. They are being addressed in a very serious manner by two police officers as a school principal looks on.

Narrator: Let your kids know - in some cases - what they do with their phones could be more than just wrong - it could be illegal. Learn more online. A message from the Government of Canada.

We then hear the Government of Canada mnemonic.

On screen you see:

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