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(Open with super: 5 #CyberSafeBusiness Tips) presents Five Cyber Safe Business Tips

(Opening super fades out. Graphic employee icons fade in. Employee icons fill the frame, fade back, and super "CYBERCRIME" fades in. "CRIME" dissolves to "SAFE".)

Employees are your biggest risk AND best defence against cybercrime.

(Green background with number "1" transitions in.)

Tip 1: Protect your business from unsecured personal devices

(Super: "Unsecured personal devices" and device graphic transition in. Binary codes start fading out from the device. Graphic plane and tinted binary codes transition in. Supers: "Limit personal device use", "Limit public network use"and "Have a security policy" transition in one after the other.)

In the office, at home and during business travel, work data on personal devices may not be secure. Limit personal device and public Wi-Fi use for work, or have employees follow a security policy.

(Super: "2: Cyber threat training" and graphic of Trojan horse transition in. Super: "email scams, phishing, viruses, malware" rolls in from bottom to top.)

Tip 2: Provide training on cyber threats

Train staff with updates on the latest online threats like email scams, phishing, viruses and malware.

(Super: "3: Smart clicking" and mouse graphic transition in.)

Tip 3: Encourage smart clicking

(Super: "Avoid suspicious URLs" and talk bubble graphics ",,"transition in.)

Your employees should be suspicious of links that are unfamiliar or include hyphens, numbers, spelling mistakes and symbols in place of regular characters.

(Super: "4: Strong passwords" and asterisk graphics transition in.)

Tip 4: Promote strong passwords

(Pencil graphic moves to write numbers. Pencil graphic moves to the right and the lock on top opens.)

Tell employees to use strong passwords and avoid writing them down on scraps of paper. Make sure work passwords are secure and can be accessed by senior employees or your tech expert.

(Super: "5: Departing employees" and graphics of box with stuff and plant transition in.)

Tip 5: Plan ahead for departing employees

(Graphics of box with stuff and plant slides to the left and supers "Close old accounts" and "Change passwords" transition in one after the other. Cyber thief graphic transitions in.)

Before an employee leaves, make sure their account is closed and change passwords. An open and unused account can be exploited by hackers.

(Super: "#CyberSafeBusiness". Cyber Safe Guide transitions in. Cyber Safe Guide dissolves to the and Canada wordmarks.)

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