Get Cyber Safe Cyber Monday Event


(Holiday music starts.)

0:00 (Blank red screen.)

0:01 (Onscreen text: Over the holidays, Canadians are using fun new technology,)

0:03 (Two women check their phones on the sidewalk. A man is filming something with his phone.)

0:04 (Cut to blank blue screen.)

(Onscreen text: Which can be vulnerable if not secured properly.)

0:07 (A group of people in red Get Cyber Safe coats stand on the sidewalk.)

(Cut to blank purple screen.)

(Onscreen text: And since it’s such a busy time, cyber security is the last thing people are thinking about.)

0:11 (The outside of a building, reading: 2 Bloor Street East)

0:12 (Four carollers stand in a circle.)

Da da da… ♫

(Onscreen text: So we made it part of the holidays.)

0:14 (A couple films the carollers on a phone.)

[To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:] Delete suspicious emails ♫

0:15 (A mother and daughter smile at the carollers.)

Delete those emails ♫

0:16 (The carollers stand in a row, singing.)

0:17 (Quick shots of a flag that says “Cyber Safe Greetings!” and a wagon full of Get Cyber Safe wrapping paper.)

Protect your identity ♫

0:19 (Two women in red coats sort through a wagon full of wrapping paper.)

Protect identity ♫

0:20 (Two women laugh and clap watching the carollers.)

Don’t open strange attachments ♫

0:22 (A woman in a red coat hands another woman Get Cyber Safe gift tags.)

No no no no no no ♫

0:23 (A woman in a red coat shows a man the gift tags.)

(A group of Get Cyber Safe ambassadors dance and hold wrapped gifts.)

Maintain your security ♫

0:25 ( logo appears on white)

Maintain security ♫

(Holiday music fades.)

0:27 (Communications Security Establishment logo appears.)

0:29 (Canada wordmark appears.)

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