Online Safety: How do you stack up?

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Canadians spend lots of time online each day: 04:54:00
07:12:00 – under 25 years old
06:30:00 – 25-34 years old
05:12:00 – 35-54 years old
04:07:00 – 55-64 years old
03:20:00 – 65 plus years old

Cyber Safe Tip #1
Check website privacy policies
“Well done” to the 1 in 3 Canadians already doing this!

We use many devices to stay connected
93% Desktop and laptop computers
76% Smartphones
58% Tablets/readers
27% Smart TVs
25% Streaming services
21% Gaming systems

Cyber Safe Tip #2
Use a unique password for each account
1 in 2 Canadians use the same password for multiple accounts. We can do better!

Are you concerned about your online safety?
85% are concerned about having their private info obtained online and used without their permission
Like most Canadians, you are probably taking these precautions
94% know not to open email attachments from strangers
95% know not to share their passwords
93% know they should use anti-virus software

Cyber Safe Tip #3
Activate multi-factor authentication
Another easy way to protect your accounts! Kudos to the 1 in 3 already doing this.

2 in 3 think they could be affected by an online threat

Cyber Safe Tip #4
Never set your info to auto-fill
This is an easy one! Yet, 1 in 3 allow browsers to remember their passwords.

Visit to learn more ways to stay safe online.

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