Cyber Security Awareness Month Themes - October 2017

Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) is built upon the fact that the internet is a shared resource and securing it is our shared responsibility.

Week 1: Oct. 2-6
Get Cyber Safe and STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™: Simple Steps to Online Safety

Easy-to-follow, actionable advice everyone can use.
Canadians are among the highest users of internet-enabled computer technology. A priority of Public Safety Canada is to make the public aware of issues of security and safety and help Canadians stay safe from cyber threats. To better protect Canadians, their families and community, home networks and mobile devices must be secure, and vulnerable audiences need to be taught how to use the internet safely, securely and responsibly. Week 1 will address the top cyber concerns and provide steps on how to avoid them along with valuable information about what to do if you experience a cyber incident.

Week 2: Oct. 9-13
Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone's Business

Whatever your place of business, creating a culture of cybersecurity from the breakroom to the board room is essential and is a shared responsibility among all employees.
Every workplace needs a plan for employee education, training and awareness that emphasizes risk management, resistance and resilience. Week 2 will showcase how businesses, industries and organizations of all types can protect themselves, their employees and their customers against the most common cyber threats. Get Cyber Safe will provide tips for your organization and employees that will keep people and information safe and secure on a daily basis.

Week 3: Oct. 16-20
Privacy Protection and the Internet of Things

Identifying strategies for security, safety and privacy while leveraging the latest internet-connected technology. With the ever-expanding adoption of connected devices by industry and individuals, it is critical to explore the individual's role in safeguarding their cyber space.
Smart cities, smart cars and homes, and even connected healthcare devices are fast becoming our new reality. Week 3 will remind digital citizens that their data is the fuel that makes interconnected devices work. While there are tremendous benefits of interconnectivity, it is important to understand how to reap the benefits of this technology in safe and secure ways.

Week 4: Oct. 23-27
Digital Citizenship in an Increasingly Digital World

The growing proliferation of content, images, and social spaces online means that it's easy to, knowingly or unknowingly, misuse or abuse the digital space and those in it. Instilling the three pillars of respect - respect property, privacy and people's feelings - is the focus of this final week.
Being a good digital citizen is more than just knowing your way around the web. It's about connecting and collaborating in ways you didn't even know were possible. When kids, and adults, understand how to create an online culture that is positive, safe, and advocates for responsible technology use, we reduce incidences of cyberbullying, privacy breaches, illegal downloading, and other digital dilemmas.

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