Be #WiseFi: Tips

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Free Wi-Fi is great. If you can access it safely. 

Use these five tips to keep your devices and data safe!

Tip 1

Don’t connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks. They are an open invitation for hackers to compromise unsecured devices.

Tip 2

Choose your network wisely. "Evil twin" Wi-Fi hotspots are sometimes created in the same location to lure and attack unsuspecting mobile users.

Tip 3

Turn off settings that automatically search for Wi-Fi networks to prevent your phone, tablet, or laptop from connecting to unsecured networks.

Tip 4

Don’t bank or shop using public Wi-Fi. If you do, you may expose sensitive info to hackers using the same network.

Tip 5

When on public Wi-Fi, look for secure connections that require a password.

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