Browser Settings

Make sure no one is browsing but you

Did you know that the browser you use has its own security settings? And of course, predators and hackers are good at spotting weak browser settings, so it's important to use this feature as an added layer of protection.

Here's how to surf with browser security:

  • Browser options are set to balance security and functionality – if you set your security for maximum, you'll limit some of the browser's features resulting in a less enhanced webpage experience (for instance, you may not be able to run certain plugins or scripts required to make all elements of the webpage run properly). On the other hand, if you want maximum functionality, the trade off is lower security.
  • Almost all browsers will carefully outline the pros and cons of setting your security at different levels and enabling or disabling functions so you can strike the right balance for you.
  • It's likely your computer came with a pre-installed browser. However, the default security settings may not meet your needs. Always set your own browser options, whether they're the ones that came with your devices or the ones you install yourself.

If you're unsure about how high to set your security, opt for more security and experiment to see if you're getting the web experience you want.

  • Use the drop down menus on your browser to set your options. Keep in mind that your security settings will automatically set your functionality features.
  • Keep your browser updated with the newest version to ensure your computer has the latest security features. Check to see that the new version has your browsing options set to your liking.
  • Most browsers will inform you of safe browser updates and potential security threats, and provide advice on how to address problems. If you are alerted to a new version or update, be sure to install it.
  • If children or inexperienced users are surfing on your device, consider choosing the maximum security settings and less enhanced web functionality.
  • If you visit a site you know is safe, you can always enable the enhanced functionality on a temporary basis. Just make sure you disable it when you're done with the website.
  • Clear your cache and your browsing history when you're finished browsing for the day so that you don't leave a record on your computer of any login IDs, passwords, banking information or other sensitive data.
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