Everyone can become a cyber security expert – here’s how

October 15, 2019

This October is Cyber Security Month Awareness Month – an ideal time to learn more about how to keep your identity, your family, your money and your business cyber safe.

But cyber security isn’t just a one-month thing. To stay cyber secure we need to be vigilant and remain informed year-round.

Here are the resources you can use to become the cyber expert your family, your business and you need to stay cyber safe.

Use the resources on the Get Cyber Safe website

Want to learn more about an aspect of cyber safety? Have a specific question you’d like answered? Or just want to boost your general expertise in cyber security?

The Get Cyber Safe website is the place for you. We have resources on the major risks to cyber security, steps you can take to protect yourself and resources for protecting your business and rooting out cyberbullying.

If you’re looking to up your cyber security game, it’s the best place to start.

Follow the Get Cyber Safe social media accounts

We all love social media. But it’s not just a great place for keeping up on sports, pet videos and the latest fashion trends. Social media is also a great place for staying informed on cyber safety.

A great place to start? The Get Cyber Safe social media accounts.

Get Cyber Safe is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Follow each for regular updates on how you can stay cyber safe.

Familiarize yourself with common threats

One of the best ways to get cyber safe? Knowing the types of threats that are likely to impact you.

There are several different types of threats – such as botnets, hacking and pharming – that can impact you in different ways.

Head on over to our common cyber threats page to learn more.

Implement our five steps to becoming cyber secure

Becoming more cyber secure doesn’t need to be complicated. Even just taking a few steps to boost your cyber security can make a big difference in keeping your information and identity secure.

Check out our blog post on five easy steps you can take to be more cyber secure to learn more.

Check out the Get Cyber Safe blog

Cyber security is always changing. New threats from cyber criminals and new tactics for combatting them are constantly emerging.

Stay informed! The Get Cyber Safe blog is constantly updated with new information that can help you and your family stay cyber secure.


Everyone can become a cyber security expert. By staying informed using the resources above, you’ll have everything you need to become one yourself.

Follow Get Cyber Safe on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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