Five reasons why Cyber Security Awareness Month should matter to you

October 1, 2019

It’s doubtful that we will completely disconnect from the internet anytime soon.

Why would we?

We can share photos of our families (and cats) with loved ones, see what our friends (and their cats) are up to and catch up on the latest cat videos.

But as we embrace all that the internet can offer, we also open ourselves up to threats that impact our cybersecurity.

That’s why Cyber Security Awareness Month, taking place this October, is so important.

Here are five reasons why CSAM should matter to you.

Protect your family

Children have grown up digitally connected.

From social networking to mobile phone use, there are fewer and fewer parts of their lives in which the internet is not a persistent presence.

Despite being digital natives, children lack basic cyber security—making them particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. 

A good place to start with educating them?

Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Get Cyber Safe’s Protect Your Family page offers all the resources you need to protect children without taking away their virtual lifeline to friends and family.

Protect your business

Business owners face enough challenges without adding a cyber attack to the mix.

Cyber threats can cost your business time, money and effort that serves as a distraction from your primary mission of serving customers.

Thankfully, there are measures you can take to protect yourself. From developing a clear internet usage policy to establishing rules around employee social media usage, it pays to have a plan in place.

Take advantage of Cyber Security Awareness Month to bring your business up-to-speed on cyber safety.

Start by checking out our guide on how to create stronger cyber safety policies.

Protect yourself

There are so many people around you who need protection – your kids, your employees, your friends – that it’s easy to forget about the person most vulnerable to cyber threats.


Email, banking and finance, social media – they are all potential threats to your cyber safety.

After you’ve finished protecting those around you, spend some time on protecting yourself.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great place to start. Read up on all the ways you need to protect yourself online.

Protect yourself while travelling

Fall is a great time to plan a winter vacation.

But before you arrive on the sunny shores of a foreign destination do yourself a favour: Think about your cyber safety.

Broadcasting your travel plans to public (or even private) social media channels can leave you vulnerable, while logging on to Wi-Fi hotspots can make you a target for identity thieves.

And that’s just the start of it.

Stay protected!

Visit our page on how to protect yourself while travelling to learn more.

Be a good cyber citizen

The internet and other communications technologies have made us more connected than ever. The more we work together to combat cyber threats, the more secure we will be as a community. Stay up to date on issues related to cyber security and get to know the technologies you use every day. A great place to start is by learning to code – there are so many programs available to teach children and adults the basics of computer programming. By increasing your technical know-how you’ll learn more about the risks of using new technologies, and how to protect yourself, and your community. Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great time to start!


We all love the internet. But while being connected has made it easier than ever to bank, shop and connect with friends, it’s also opened us up to more cyber threats.

Join us for Cyber Security Awareness Month to learn more about how you can protect yourself, your family and your business from cyber threats.

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