Cyber safe tax filing

April 15, 2018

Taxes: about as much fun to blog about as to calculate. And yet as essential to a functioning modern society as high-speed internet. And speaking of which, one of the easiest ways to file one’s taxes is through the Canada Revenue Agency’s MyAccount system. You can even find your T4, T5 and RRSP contribution slips there. Accessing MyAccount is as easy as logging into your bank online.

There is software available online for free as well as for purchase. Do ensure that if you use commercial software, that it is legally paid for and obtained from a legitimate source, and verify that it is compatible with CRA’s NETFILE system.

Your income tax information contains your address, social insurance number, information about your family and employment; in other words, everything a criminal needs to steal an identity. The password you use for your tax software is therefore one of the most important passwords you’ll use. Where possible, create a very strong, unique password for your tax software.

In addition, once filed, give strong consideration to where you save the PDF of your tax return. Do you usually use a cloud service to back up documents? Make sure your most important documents, like tax returns, are encrypted, or else keep sensitive unencrypted documents offline.

Did you receive a text or email with a link to click to receive your refund or change your information? Make sure you don’t fall for a CRA scam!

For more information about filing your taxes, visit CRA’s website, and follow Get Cyber Safe and CRA on social media.

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